Rest and Wind Down

Today's fast paced, challenging, day-to-day life can contribute to hidden health problems leading to tension in the body and mind which affects quality of rest at night. What you need is to relax and wind down with a cup of Ho Yan Hor Night Tea.

Ho Yan Hor Night Tea is:

  • A special 21 herbal blend that calms your mind and relaxes your body at the end of a busy day
  • Main ingredient - mulberry leaf - caffeine-free and packed with multivitamins and minerals, used for centuries to improve body condition and enhance liver functions
  • Combination with other therapeutic herbs to provide a calming, relaxing and tranquilizing effect.
  • Ho Yan Hor Night Tea is very suitable for people who are stressed, agitated and have sleeping difficulties



快节奏的城市生活及紧张的工作环境,造成身体和情绪紧绷,往往是导致健康问题的隐忧, 而间接影响晚间休息的品质。请放缓忙碌的脚步,享用一杯何人可晚安凉茶。


  • 21 种特殊草本精华,让您在结束忙碌一天之前;平静心情,放松身心。
  • 桑叶为主要成分,它无咖啡因;含有多种维生素及矿物质;几百年以来被用于调理身体及增强肝脏功能。
  • 与其它草本的结合,提供镇定,放松及安神的疗愈功效
  • 何人可晚安凉茶非常适合于有压力,心神不宁及睡眠困难的人。




Mulberry Tea Leave

The main ingredient of Ho Yan Hor Night Tea is mulberry tea leaf which is caffeine free and packed with multivitamins and minerals. It is used for centuries to treat wind-heat affected by exopathogens, liver-fire and conjunctival congestion.



Gardenia Jasminoides

This is a very common herb in Chinese medicine. It has a relatively strong cold nature. It can be used to clear heatiness that accumulate in the chest, relief irritability and restlessness, the sensation of tightness in the chest and helps improve insomnia.  It helps to promote urination and leach out heat from the body.

传统中药,属寒性, 梔子功能主治热病虚烦不眠,胸闷,和促进排尿以快速清除体内湿热。 除体内湿热。


Bupleurum Chinensis

Bupleurum is one of the most commonly used herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. One of China's harmony herbs purported to affect organs and energy in the body, bupleurum has been used as a liver tonic, with spleen and stomach toning properties. It releases internal tension and lowers mental stress, anxiety and anger .


柴胡是中国传统医学中最常用的草药之一。一个声称影响身体各器官和精力中国的和谐中草药,柴胡已被用来作为滋补肝脏,具有健脾和胃的调理性能。它释放内在张力,降低精神紧张,焦虑和愤怒。 燒等作用。

Other Herbal Ingredients 其他主要成份

Fructus viticis,Platycodon grandiflorum,Prunella vulgaris,Glycyrrhiza uralensis and etc.